Saturday Tech for Under 6 yrs.

We offer a year-round Saturday program that consists of two time slots: a kindergarten class in the morning and an elementary school class in the afternoon.

Students learn English and programming intensively for four hours once a week, which is longer than a typical classroom.

Saturday Tech Morning Classes
3~6 years old

  • Reading📖📕📚
  • Circle Time
  • Morning Meeting
  • English and Programming Related Vocabulary Building
  • Thematic lesson or Coding class
  • Outing or Coding Class cont.
  • Lunch 🍙
  • Phonics and Writing
  • See you next week!

Designed for beginners who are new to coding. Students will build their coding foundation every week with enjoyable lessons that will test their creativity and teamwork!

Our classes will be held every week on Saturday* from 9am – 1pm. Programming lessons will be visually focused and utilize easy-to-use materials. Even students who are still learning to read can follow along. Please refer to our Level System for more details about lessons at each level. For our English lessons, we go through phonics and grammar, seasonal themes and subjects.

Teachers make sure that students get the most out of it…and most importantly, have fun in the process! Classes will be completely taught in English, but we do offer language support.

*Based on Annual Schedule

Level 1 and Level 2

Age is a reference. The level for your child will be decided based on your child’s programming skills and English level.

Level 1:Block coding (Drag & Drop)

Lego Spike Essentials

Level 1 is designed for beginner students new to coding or students who need a more structured program to strengthen their understanding of fundamental programming concepts. With Lego Spike Essentials, students will use familiar Lego blocks to build robots/structures and operate them with block coding.

Our curriculum teaches students how to solve real-life problems by building the right tools to tackle the issues. Students will discuss how to solve their problems using the resources they have and design solutions together.  Then through the time-tested scientific process of trial and error, they will test and evaluate their solutions.

Level 2:Block coding (Nesting Blocks)

Tynker (Dragon Spell / Space Cadet)

Once students have demonstrated understanding of basic programming concepts, they will advance to Tynker.

In addition to teaching coding, Tynker focuses on teaching kids critical thinking and planning by using visual coding blocks making it perfect for students who are still learning how to read and write. Students will learn coding concepts like sequences and loops. Intermediate-level courses in Tynker take this to the next level by introducing more advanced coding such as conditionals. As shown below, students must read and input text, making this level appropriate for 5–6-year-old students.