Saturday Tech
Elementary Students

We offer a year-round Saturday program that consists of two time slots: a kindergarten class in the morning and an elementary school class in the afternoon.

Students learn English and programming intensively for four hours once a week, which is longer than a typical classroom.

Saturday Tech Afternoon Classes
Elementary Students

  • Lunch
  • Reading
  • Circle Time
  • Morning Meeting
  • English and Programming Related Vocabulary Building
  • Thematic Lesson or Coding Class
  • Phonics and Writing or Coding Class cont.
  • Snack
  • See you next week!

Designed for beginners who are new to coding or those with prior coding experience looking to strengthen their basic foundation. Students will build their coding foundation every week with enjoyable lessons that will test their creativity and teamwork!

Our classes will be held every week on Saturday* from 12pm – 3:30pm. Programming lessons will be activity focused and utilize age-appropriate apps. We recommend students who have basic English vocabulary. Please refer to our Level System for more details about lessons at each level. For our English lessons, we go through phonics and grammar, seasonal themes and subjects. Teachers make sure that students get the most out of it…and most importantly, have fun in the process! Classes will be completely taught in English, but we do offer language support.  *Based on Annual Schedule

Level 3 to Level 6

Age is a reference. The level for your child will be decided based on your child’s programming skills and English level.

Level 3:Text Coding

CodeMonkey (Coding Adventure)

Students will use CodeMonkey, a text-based coding program similar to Scratch. It is an educational program that starts with simple text coding using Coffeescript (Level 3-5) and advanced coding using Python (Level 6).

Level 3 will focus on Coffeescript, a beginner-friendly introduction to computer programming. CodeMonkey (Coding Adventure) teaches this programming language through simple coding puzzles. Students will have to plan, input text and utilize coding functions in order to solve them.

Our programming lessons will help students develop their math skills by making measurements and creating equations. As they advance through CodeMonkey (Coding Adventure), students will be assessed through projects in Minecraft: Education Edition.

Level 4: Text Coding + Operating Robot

CodeMonkey (Coding Adventure: Advanced), Sphero

Level 4 will have students finish the basics of Coffeescript and take their programming knowledge and skills to the next level. Students will begin this level with a demonstrated understanding of core programming concepts. They will use these concepts to build simple projects in Scratch and operate a spherical robot, Sphero.

The aim of Level 4 is to foster student mastery of the core concepts they have already learned and prepare students for the next level by introducing projects that they will have to plan and prepare presentations for. These projects will also be an introduction to game physics and development. New programming concepts they learn in this level include: events, arrays, and object instances.

Level 5: Game Development (Project Based)

CodeMonkey (Game Creation), Scratch

This level will prepare students to create projects and coding puzzles for other students to solve. Our curriculum teaches game development essentials. Students will learn key-based controls, game physics, and event-handling to develop their program. Students will demonstrate understanding of core computer programming concepts by building several projects and games, including arcade games, clicker games, and side-scroller platformers.

They will also independently design images in CodeMonkey and Scratch. In addition, students will improve communication skills by working with teammates when developing their projects and learn presentation skills when displaying their work.

Level 6: Python (Advanced Text Coding)

CodeMonkey (Banana Tales, Trivia Chatbot)

Level 6 will cover all coding concepts learned from Level 3 to Level 5 but instead of using Coffeescript and block coding, students will be introduced to Python. Python is a versatile programming language that can be used in many fields including web development and AI. Students will develop strategies to break down complex problems into smaller, manageable segments and analyze information.

Students will demonstrate project development skills through manipulating elements of popular games such as Minecraft. There will also be collaborative projects that will teach students communication and teamwork. In addition, students will also develop their own interactive chatbot, build dynamic games and simple websites.